What you had to say about User Group Meetings in 2014

Vanguard Appraisals, Inc. presented another set of six successful user group meetings in 2014 with stops in Illinois, South Dakota, Missouri, North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.

We asked for your feedback and this is what you had to say!

“Information was very useful.”

“Very good, learned useful information.”

“Good variety of topics.”

“Informative – all the speakers knew their area and explained it so it was easy to follow.”


Over 40 attendees in Illinois from 11 different jurisdictions.

68 attendees from 14 jurisdictions in South Dakota.

Over 200 attendees representing 41 jurisdictions and one State Tax Commission in Missouri.

41 different jurisdictions attended in North Dakota with over 183 attendees.

Over 120 attendees from 21 jurisdictions in Minnesota.

94 different jurisdictions were represented in Iowa with over 380 attendees including attendees from the Department of Revenue.

Nick Klein (Computer Department Manager) talks about the upgrades coming to CAMAvision
Nick Klein (Computer Department Manager) talks about upgrades coming to CAMAvision


Stay tuned for registration information for our next set of user group meetings this year!