It’s a fact, that having a sketch can make assessing a property easier. So, drawing it and having it work with your CAMAvision® package should be just as easy. The CAMAvision® Sketch program is designed for ease of use, with the assessor’s office in mind.

Our sketch module provides all the great features you’ve come to expect in a modern drawing tool. Furthermore, it’s fully integrated to interact and enhance the Commercial and Residential pricing modules.

  • Sketch Features:

    • Cut, copy, and paste sketches to other parcels
    • Object coloring and shading
    • Multi-level Undo
    • Save sketches to external file for use in other applications
    • Save sketches as templates for later use
    • Comes with several predefined markers
    • Object selection and manipulation with either the mouse or keyboard
    • Guided data entry makes drawing lines, diagonals, radiuses and arcs easy for anyone
    • “Instant Objects” shorten the steps needed to create common objects
    • Rotate, flip or mirror objects
    • No 3rd-party software or license required. Sketch is an integrated part of CAMAvision®
    • And much more…