We are proud of our reputation and our performance. At Vanguard Appraisals, Inc., we deliver a complete program to you, and provide hands-on service even after the project is complete. At Vanguard Appraisals, Inc. our pledge to our clients is “Excellence achieved through people, products, and service.” Check out our list of completed contracts in the last 7 years.

  • 2024 Completed Contracts

    Bremer County, IA:   All Class
    City of Dickinson, ND:   Comm
    Greene County, IA:   Comm/Exempt
    Madison County, NE:   Res Rev/Comm
    Mills County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Osceola County, IA:   Grain Elevators/Ethanol Plant
    Plymouth County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg/Comm/Ind
    Union County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Wells County, ND:   Grain Elevator
  • 2023 Completed Contracts

    Carroll County, IA:   Urban Res/Ag Dwlg
    Decatur County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Fremont County, IA:   All Class
    Henry County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Howard County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Livingston County, IL:   Comm/Ind Late
    Louisa County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Madison County, NE:   Res Rev/Comm
    Marshall County, IL:   Data Input
    Pocahontas County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Pottawattamie County, IA:   U/R Res Rev
    Potter County, SD:   All Class
    Poweshiek County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Shelby County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Worth County, IA:   All Classes
  • 2022 Completed Contracts

    Adams County, IA:   All Classes
    Clinton County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlgs
    Grundy County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Ida County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Jasper County, IA:   Comm
    Madison County, NE:   Res Rev/Comm
    Monona County, IA:   Urban Res
    Page County, IA:   All Class
    Sioux County, ND:   Res/Comm
    Sully County, SD:   Res/Ag Dwlg/Ag OB/Comm
    Tama County, IA:   Rev Comm/Ind
    Tama County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Wapello County, IA:   Comm/Ind
  • 2021 Completed Contracts

    Benton County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlgs
    Carroll County, IA:   Rural Res/Ag Dwlg/Ag OB
    Cass County, ND:   Horace Comm
    Clayton County, IA:   Comm
    Delaware County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Fayette County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Hamilton County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    LaMoure County, ND:   U/R Res
    Lyon County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Madison County, NE:   Res Rev/Comm
    Ringgold County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Webster County, IA:   Comm/Ind
  • 2020 Completed Contracts

    Cass County, ND:   Horace Res
    Clark County, SD:   Res/Ag Dwlg/Comm
    Clinton County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Floyd County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg/Comm/Ind
    Foster County, ND:   Res/Ag Dwlg/Comm
    Franklin County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Hancock County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    McIntosh County, ND:   Res/Comm
    Mitchell County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Monona County, IA:   Onawa Res
    Monona County, IA:   Blenco Res
    Ramsey County, ND:   Comm/Ind
    Union County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Webster County, IA:   Urban Res/Ag Dwlg
    Wright County, IA:   Exempt Comm
  • 2019 Completed Contracts

    Cass County, ND:   Buffalo Res/Comm
    Cedar County, IA:   Urban Res/Ag Dwlg
    Des Moines County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Harrison County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg/Ag OB/Comm
    Jefferson County, IA:   Comm/Ind/Ex
    Jones County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Mercer County, ND:   Rural Res/Comm
    Mills County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    St. Francois County, MO:   Data Input
    Ste. Genevieve County, MO:   Comm
    Wright County, IA:   Comm/Ind
  • 2018 Completed Contracts

    Allamakee County, IA:   Comm
    Butler County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Cass County, ND:   Casselton Res/Comm
    Cavalier County, ND:   Res/Ag Dwlg/Comm
    Cerro Gordo County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlgs & Ag OB Only
    Cherokee County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg/Comm
    Des Moines County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Emmet County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Guthrie County, IA:   Lake Panorama Res
    Jackson County, IA:   Comm/Ind Rev
    Mason City, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Washington County, IA:   Rural Res/Ag Dwlg
  • 2017 Completed Contracts

    Benton County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Butler County, IA:   Rural Res/Ag Dwlg Rev
    Cass County, ND:   Oxbow Res/Comm
    Cass County, ND:   Gardner Res/Comm
    Cass County, ND:   Harwood Res/Comm
    Cass County, ND:   Hunter Res/Comm
    Cass County, ND:   Mapleton Res/Comm
    Cass County, ND:   Normanna Twp Res/Ag Dwlg/Comm
    Cass County, ND:   Page Res/Comm
    Emmons County, ND:   Res/Ag Dwlg/Comm
    Greene County, IA:   Urban Res Review
    Howard County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    McKenzie County, ND:   All Classes
    Montgomery County, IA:   Comm/Ind
    Oliver County, ND:   Res/Ag Dwlg/Comm
    Pottawattamie County, IA:   Council Bluffs/Carter Lake Comm/Ind
    Richland County, ND:   Cargill/Farmers Union Oil
    Sargent County, ND:   Comm/Ind
    Scott County, IA:   Bettendorf Res
    Shelby County, IA:   Res/Ag Dwlg
    Winneshiek County, IA:   Res Review