• Proversion

      With computers, we all know there are users, and then there are power-users. The same holds true with users of VCS Personal Property. The ProVersion addition to VCS Personal Property gives power users the extra features and flexibility they want.

      With a built-in report designer and extra functions to export your data in a variety of formats, ProVersion enhances VCS Personal Property with many additional features.


      • Export to .DBF, .CSV and .tab file formats.
      • Export Query Wizard results into native Excel .XLS format.
      • Query Wizard custom report designer.
      • Save Query Wizard custom reports as Adobe® PDF.
      • Design reports with photos.
      • Select and move parcels using the power of the Query Wizard.
      • Users receive the Data Dictionary documentation.
    • DDE Connector

      Vanguard Appraisals, Inc understands that VCS Personal Property is not the only computer program running in an assessor’s office. There can be tax programs and mapping software that an assessor’s office must work with on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great if the parcel that is being reviewed in CAMAvision could be automatically queried in the tax administration package – and vice versa?

      DDE Connector, utilizing the Dynamic Data Exchange technology found in Microsoft® Windows®, can make this wish a reality. Vanguard has worked hard with other companies that supply taxing and GIS mapping tools, to provide this cross-application connectivity.

  • Account Management

    Account Managment is a great time saving option that can be added to VCS Personal Property.


    • Imports NCOA Mailing information provided from the US Post office, so you do not have to retype changes of address.
    • Optional exclusion list is provided, for when you absolutely do not want an address on an account to change.
    • Program stores unlimited past address information, so you can see the history of address changes.
    • Can Import Taxes Paid Information directly into program, allowing you to see if a person has indeed paid their taxes with the click of a button.
    • Optionally link VCS Real Estate parcels to Personal Property accounts for Mobile Home pricing.