By: Patrick Alexander

Nothing is as frustrating as when something is not working right. In these moments, it is always a good idea to take a few deep breaths and relax. Once your negative aura has been cleansed, I encourage you to restart the program and try again. If the error persists even after the restarting of CAMAvision, it may be time to email or call into support.

Some things to state during your call or email: what you are trying to accomplish; the sequence of steps you attempted which resulted in the error being thrown; the actual error being thrown and how the program behaves before and after the error; and finally, anything which is unique or has changed on your workstation recently (i.e. Windows updates were applied, your network connection has been dropping intermediately, others in the office are or are not receiving the same error, etc.).

All of these things can be a huge help in identifying what is causing the issue and being able to reproduce the issue here. And once an issue is reproducible, a solution is seldom far behind.

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