By Nick Klein

As most everyone knows by now, Bob and his team at Vanguard are getting closer to finalizing the next integration of the Real Property Appraisal Manual. These are times where it’s good to look back and see what’s good, bad, and what needs changing. I want to talk today about a few items in CAMAvision that will be changing when people convert to the 2020 Manual. Buried in the Calculations and Pricing Methods screen are three pricing methods related to obsolescence on commercials, and obsolescence and manual level for residential garages.

Manual 2020 Calculation Changes

These calculation method options were put into the program over the years to correct an oversight, add functionality, or accommodate evolving appraisal methods. Vanguard recommends they be turned on (checked), but when added they were defaulted off to minimize value changes. We wanted clients to turn them on when they were ready.

At workshops and User Groups, we’ve taught people about them and recommending they be switched on when the timing is right. When setting up reappraisal projects we ask clients about turning them on. Conversion to the 2020 manual is a good time, too – but you don’t have to wait for the convert to make this switch. Perhaps the timing is good right now.

I know that many clients already have these three pricing methods turned on, so there’s nothing to do, right? It probably wouldn’t hurt to review the other options in the Calculations and Pricing Methods screen. Maybe you’ll see something else in there that could be changed – and the 2020 manual conversion would be a perfect time to do it. Of course, if you’ve got questions these or anything else on Calculations and Pricing Methods screen, feel free to contact your VCS Sales representative or the home office.

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