Whether you are pricing a small town commercial building or a large super center, the Commercial module can do it for you. There are numerous occupancies, like offices, warehouses, metal buildings, apartments, banks and franchise stores, that are supported. “Smart Screens” guide you through the data entry process, increasing accuracy and data entry speed, while not forcing you to enter generic information concerning each occupancy.

  • Commercial Features:

    • Building pricing on-the-fly.
    • Precomputed pricing methodology with over ninety predefined types create uniformity across all parcels.
    • Component pricing module for the build-up method.
    • Up to 100 buildings per parcel.
    • Duplicating buildings is just a click away.
    • Adjustments and Plumbing “Typical” wizards for each pricing type.
    • Link square-foot areas, perimeter and description label to a sketch for easy data entry maintenance.
    • SmartScreens show only necessary data fields for proper listing and pricing.
    • “Quick Tips” to aid data entry, giving the user immediate feedback about the boundaries of a field or what constitutes valid data for a given pricing type.
    • Effective age calculator
    • Precomputed Replacement Cost calculator.
    • And more…