• Land

    Like buildings, each parcel of land is unique. But for mass appraisal you must assess them all fairly and equitably. The Land module within CAMAvision® can help by providing eight table-driven methods for valuating land. From residential, or commercial, to agricultural farm land, CAMAvision® provides to tools to manage all land types within your jurisdiction.


    • Front-Foot
    • Site-Excess
    • Acres x Rate
    • Square-Foot x Rate
    • Square-Foot with Dimensions
    • Acres with Dimensions
    • Unit Site Land Pricing
    • Lump-sum
    • Agricultural Soil
    • Factoring routines to manage large groups of similar land
    • Land analysis studies with Sales Ratio

  • Sales Ratio Analysis

    You have your parcels in CAMAvision, now ensure your assessment decisions are in-line with trends in your area. The sales ratio analysis module can help. It conforms to the IAAO Standard on Sales Ratio Studies and provides group statistical analysis with eight predefined stratifications: price range, map areas, style, age, grade condition, total living area, occupancy, and sub-division. Also included are three land analysis: vacant lot, land residual and land ratio.

  • Sales

    Keeping track of sales in your area is key to assessing your parcels and making sure they are all fair and equitable. Whether its a normal arms-length transaction, a private sale, or even a multi-parcel sale, you can keep track of it in CAMAvision.

  • Permits

    While other companies may try to sell you a permit tracking module, ours comes standard and is fully integrated into CAMAvision. Use it to flag parcels for review, or to help you pick up new construction. Tables can be edited to suit the needs of your area.

  • Prior Year Values

    Our Prior Year History lets you take a snapshot of the current totals values for a parcel at any time. While most users do it once a year, you can keep track of multiple snapshots within the same year. Standard reports are available to help you compare current values to prior year.

  • Board of Review Manager

    Intended for Iowa clients, the Board of Review manager allows you to record, track and evaluate petitions protesting assessed values. This is during the Board of Review period (April to June). Assessors can track petitions, keep minutes of board meetings, and print several standard IA reports.

  • Reconciliation

    Use the Reconciliation module (“recon” for short) to track each and every value change on a parcel during the assessment cycle. This is a standard module, included with the base CAMAvision® installation.

  • Missouri Board of Equalization Manager

    This module (“BoE Manager” for short) is geared toward our Missouri clients. It allows you to track and manage value changes during the BoE period [June to September]. Any parcel changes recorded into the BoE Manager are reported on the Form 11A and can be reconciled with the Form 11 report. This is a standard Missouri module, included with the base CAMAvision® installation.