My Scheduler is a great way to get organized for the entire year. No longer will you wonder when a certain report is due or process needs to be performed. Simply enter information into the My Scheduler as the year progresses, and with the click of one button, all the dates are advanced for next year and you are ready to go.

  • My Scheduler Features:

    • Unlimited number of events can be scheduled.
    • One button click prepares calendar of events for the next year.
    • Schedule predefined events or make up one of your own.
    • Events and tasks can be categorized and sub-categorized to meet your needs.
    • Set reminders so you can be notified of an upcoming task.
    • Postpone a task if you cannot get to it right away, and let the program remind you in a few days.
    • Events and tasks can be shown to specific employees.
    • Add your own specific description for a task.
    • Built-in backup and restore of your calendar of events.