• Income Approach

    If you have a need to price commercial structures based on the income they are producing instead of a cost method, CAMAvision® has you covered with its Income Module. It comes standard with 10 different Income models allowing you to price apartments, hotels, office buildings, restaurants, mini-storage facilities and more. And like the cost approach modules already in CAMAvision everything is table driven allowing you to price all your income-based parcels in a uniform manner. Users can even adapt and create their own structure models from the base types.



  • DDE Connector

    Vanguard understands that CAMAvision is not the only computer program running in an assessor’s office. There can be tax programs and mapping software that an assessor’s office must work with on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be great if the parcel that is being reviewed in CAMAvision could be automatically queried in the tax administration package – and vice versa?

    DDE Connector, utilizing the Dynamic Data Exchange technology found in Microsoft® Windows® can make this wish a reality. Vanguard has worked hard with other companies that supply taxing and GIS mapping tools to provide this cross-application connectivity.

  • GIS-Web Export

    If you’re hosting your own website, the GIS-Web is the ultimate database translation tool. It takes all the specifically coded database fields and translates them from their code to their English translations. For example, a house with the style of a 2-Story Frame may be coded the number 6 in the database. The GIS-Web automatically converts the style and all the hundreds of coded fields to their English descriptions, saving time and money.

  • PC Import

    Update names and legal information in a snap with the PC Import. With this module you can transfer parcel ownership data from a tax system directly into CAMAvision. PC Import supports most general parcel fields including: Deed names, Contract names, property address, mailing address, legal, section, township, range, lot and block, just to name a few. You can even use the Test Mode to validate your parcels counts between CAMAvision and your tax system.

  • Network

    Whether you have two people in your office, or a staff of 25, the Network module can handle the work load. CAMAvision utilizes a flexible “floating license” networking architecture that makes setup a breeze. Don’t worry over compliance with licensing and users. You purchase only the exact number of connections you need. Our License Server software automatically validates each connection so you’re always in compliance.

    Do you have someone in another department that needs to browse your data from time to time? No problem here; have us install CAMAvision on the computer and then you can control what they can, or can’t do, through the User Manager.

  • CAMAvision Remote

    Have laptop, will travel. This module makes even the most productive appraiser more efficient. CAMAvision Remote takes the parcels from the office and brings them with you on location. Several methods of selecting parcels for checkout are available: PIN range, by Map, or define your own using the Query Wizard tool. Back in the office, parcels remain locked and in a view-only state while checked-out.


    • Export methods are numerous, including flash media, email, CD-ROM or Internet
    • Create reports just like in the office
    • Edit the parcels as if you were in the office: all aspects of the parcel can be edited in the field
    • Perform on-site Sales Ratio Analysis
    • Take your parcels to Board of Review meetings for on-the-spot Comparable Searches
  • To-Do List

    The VCS To-Do List provides a one stop shop for tight and seamless integration between CAMAvision and GIS map management. The GIS system communicates directly with CAMAvision, listing parcels and designating actions for these parcels. Perhaps a plot of land has split and new parcels need to be created. By having the mapping department automatically insert instructions into the To-Do List workflow, your staff can reduce errors and save time. By letting the GIS system manage the parcel numbering system, assessors can rest assure that their parcel number system remains consistently free of errors.

    Currently the VCS ToDo List works with Parcel Builder, a Sidwell Company product. Custom programming can also be done to have it work with internal applications.

  • Exemption

    Tired of tracking exemptions in separate spreadsheets only to have to re-enter the parcel values into your tax administration system? Then let the Exemption Module help manage the parcels for you. With the Exemption Module you can enter all your counties exemptions, apply them to the desired parcels and then let CAMAvision do the rest. Exemption information can be easily viewed on screen, printed and exported directly to your tax administration system.

  • ProVersion

    With computers, we all know there are users, and then there are power users. The same holds true with users of CAMAvision. The ProVersion addition to CAMAvision gives power users the extra features and flexibility they want.

    With a built-in report designer and extra functions to export your data in a variety of formats, ProVersion enhances CAMAvision with many additional features.


    • Export to .DBF, .CSV and .tab file formats
    • Export Query Wizard results into native Excel .XLS format
    • Query Wizard custom report designer
    • Save Query Wizard custom reports as Adobe® PDF
    • Design reports with sketches and photos
    • Select and move parcels using the power of the Query Wizard
    • Document management and storage (DMS) via the Photovision DMS extension