• Archive

    The VCS Archive Module is specifically designed to take parcel data and build it into a self contained application which can be used as the ultimate data archival system. The information can be viewed throughout the entire courthouse or sold to the public. There is no restriction on the number of copies which an assessor’s office can make and distribute. Assessors throughout the Midwest have sold this data to insurance companies, fee appraisers and banks. It comes standard with a search engine, which makes looking up properties a snap.

  • CAMAvision Training

    You can get additional training for your employees by contacting the Vanguard computer department. The cost of training employees is covered by your service contracts. However if you no longer have a training balance you can purchase additional time for a Service Plus contract at a reduced rate.

  • Service Contract?

    Wondering what you receive having a Service Contract with Vanguard? Download the sample PDF document.

  • Service Plus

    A Service Plus Contract is a maintenance agreement for additional services at a reduced rate. These services could include, but are not limited to: customized CAMAvision training, custom reports and queries, web site development, field listing procedures, sales ratio analysis and hardware troubleshooting.

  • Custom Report Design

    Do you need a specialized report and the ProVersion is not an option? Or perhaps you simply don’t have the time to make it yourself? There’s no one more knowlegable about how CAMAvision stores data than our progamming staff. So put them to work for you, today. Contact the VCS Support Staff for a consultation or to find out more.

  • Custom Programming

    Perhaps you would like to import sales information from a non-standard source. Or maybe you want to automate the importing of permit details from the building department. If it needs to work with CAMAvision, our programming staff are here to help. Contact the VCS Support Staff for a consultation or to find out more.