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Since 1999, Vanguard Appraisals, Inc. has helped jurisdictions large and small establish an online presence. Empower your jurisdiction by giving them the tools needed to do their own research, on their own time! Whether they are on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone! Our web hosting services combine web-based GIS data reporting tools from your CAMA software into a single user friendly website that is designed specifically for any jurisdictional needs. It will allow your constituents to view local government information and related records with ease.

Your jurisdiction can include detailed reports and maps (like parcel summary, residential, tax administration & CAMA, valuation, tax history, taxation, photos, sketches, Pictometry® and more) viewed all on one webpage. We provide powerful search tools, allowing the public to find the property they are looking for with ease. Still not enough? With our advance search options users can additionally search by subdivisions, tax districts, sections, townships, DBAs, as well as comparable properties. View GIS maps including parcel map features which can be linked to data reports. Your users can also include layers to show parcels, major roads, soils, water, bridges, zoning, school districts and much more.

We have created, hosted and maintained over 140 websites for our clients across seven states and that number is still growing. We have the Internet tools, modern design, and know-how to put your CAMAvision data online, no middle-man needed. We’re there from start to finish!


Find your jurisdiction’s data quick and easy! 

Search through millions of parcels throughout the Midwest by utilizing our Assessor / Director Hub pages.

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Why a Website?

Having an assessor website is like having an extra employee working for you. Better yet, one who works 24/7 and is the online face of your jurisdiction. It gives the public information they need and help alleviate workload. Also, keep in mind that over half of the usage happens when your offices are closed. Thus your jurisdiction can increase its visibility and exposure, as well as increase its services to your taxpayers. Find out how easy it is to create your website by contacting us today!


It’s All About You

At Vanguard Appraisals, we feel your website should be … Well … Yours! That’s why we keep our presence to a bare minimum. The emphasis of your website should be about your jurisdiction and its parcel data. Every jurisdiction is given a unique URL using their jurisdiction’s name and state. Making it something easily remembered by your constituents. No need to jump through hoops or go through drop-down lists, have them go directly to your website! It’s quick and easy to do. Most importantly, choose from hundreds of options to help tailor and configure your website to meet your needs. Take control and make your website “yours” by contacting us today!



For the client that wants an Internet presence, but doesn’t have the budget or staff to do it, Vanguard Appraisals is a very cost effective solution. We offer a complete web hosting service that contains all related costs, including website design, setup, search engine optimization, connection costs, server costs, updates, 24-hour automated monitoring and web statistics (such as parcel data, total searches, parcel pageviews and unique visitors). We also include assistance setting up any static information web pages and downloadable forms. Pick the web hosting plan that best serve the needs of your jurisdiction. Experience our excellent cost effective solution today!


With Ease & No Worry

No middle-man is needed. Vanguard Appraisals is there for you from start to finish with our in-house technical support staff! No extra staff, equipment, connection, or server maintenance to worry about. We have everything backed up for you, let us do the worrying. Works on all browsers and across a multitude of mobile devices. We make the transition of your public records to the internet quick, affordable and easy as a snap-of-your-finger. Get reliability with our usage reports and our redundant systems. Once you decide on the data you feel is right for your jurisdiction, the rest is automatic. It is easier than you think! Contact us today!



Find your jurisdiction’s data quick and easy! Search through millions of parcels throughout the Midwest by utilizing our Assessor / Director Hub pages. Our hubs are public access web portals. They will help users view jurisdictions parcel data, public records and GIS information online. No need to worry about any additional cost, the Assessor / Director Hubs are included in your web hosting plan.



  • ― Works on all web browsers and across all device platforms (desktop, tablet or mobile) ―
  • ― Over 1,756,000 page views a year ―
  • ― Easy accessibility through any of our seven state hubs (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota) ―
  • ― Each State Hub is ranked within the top 5 in Google or Bing searches ―


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View millions of parcels online throughout the Midwest