Is your jurisdiction in need of a Property Review? Perhaps your data is up-to-date but you just don’t have the time to set the final values. Whether its residential, commercial, or industrial, our trained field appraisers and staff have the expertise to help you complete the project.


Reviewing Appraisals

Reviewing appraisals takes a special experience level. Our trained teams have the knowledge and experience to handle your appraisal needs!

  • Verifying lot dimensions and sizes.
  • Organizing parcels in efficient routing order.
  • Maintaining splits and combines.
  • Updating sales and building permits.
  • Public relations articles and project background.
  • Public speakers for meetings.
  • Checking for new structures and additions.
  • Establish on-site field land values.
  • Determine proper cost basis for uniform pricing.
  • Determine proper depreciation tables.
  • Full on-site field individual property value review.
  • On-site field laptop sales ratio analysis.
  • Computerized data input, including property sketches.
  • Computerized reports and statistical analysis.
  • Computerized property record cards and listing forms.
  • Full project completion analysis and documentation.
  • Informal individual property review with owners.
  • Specialized court appraisals.
  • Bonded company with established line of credit.