Madison County has been using Vanguard CAMAvision since 2017. In fact, our relationship with Vanguard stretches back to 2012 when the company was first looking to expand into Nebraska. Madison County and the Northeast District Assessor’s Association hosted one of the first demonstrations of the Vanguard CAMAvision in Nebraska in April of that year. It was apparent at that very first meeting that customer service, modern computer software, and an in­depth knowledge of mass appraisal were what Vanguard had to offer that the competitors could not match.

The data conversion process was very thorough on the part of Vanguard. There were numerous levels of checks and balances conducted by Vanguard. While I cannot say that the conversion process was painless, things that are truly worthwhile typically never are. Having been through a conversion process once before, I can say without hesitation that Vanguard managed and tracked all aspects of the process very thoroughly. The Vanguard CAMA system is fast, reliable, and user-friendly, making our duties much easier. We have never regretted a day moving forward.

One of the best things about Vanguard is their customer service. I can call their technical support staff or my Vanguard field representative and every time they are waiting to take my call. Should I ever have to leave a message, I usually get a call back within 15 minutes. It is such a relief to know that the Vanguard support staff is always there and more than willing to help us. Their staff really does care about their clients. We have asked to have the field rep come to our location to assist with additional training or to help resolve a time-sensitive or technical issue. Not once has there ever been an issue in meeting our request for this additional support. This is something we have not seen from our previous CAMA providers.

Vanguard is not just a computer software company. Their appraisal staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. We know that having a CAMA provider who can also provide appraisal advice is extremely beneficial. We can even call the President of the company and ask him specific appraisal questions, which is unheard of in most companies. In fact, the Vanguard President has personally visited our office to conduct expanded training as well as to personally conduct the preliminary hearings for the reappraisal project we contracted through Vanguard Appraisals.

There is no doubt Vanguard definitely is the real deal.

Jeff Hackerott
Madison County Assessor
Madison, Nebraska

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