The Dodge County, Nebraska, Assessor’s Office converted to Vanguard CAMAvision mid- 2018. After conducting a thorough review of the best CAMA systems available, it was very apparent this program stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. Not only do they offer a “complete package” with modern computer software and excellent customer service, but it is backed by in-depth knowledge of mass appraisal and years of appraisal experience. Having capable, proficient appraisers on hand readily available to answer any question and assist in all manner of situations, was the deciding factor in choosing Vanguard.

Having never before been through data conversion, the exchange of information was meticulous on their part and relatively painless for us. Numerous checks and balances were conducted by Vanguard, with ample communication between their staff and ours. I cannot say the process was picture perfect, but transfers between two completely different CAMA systems rarely are. Vanguard is fast, reliable, and user-friendly, making our difficult duties that much easier. To be perfectly honest, it took us anywhere from six months to one year before the office felt fairly comfortable with how the system operated. Now, after almost three years, we are very pleased with it and look forward to a wonderful working relationship for years to come.

It would be extremely remiss not to mention Vanguard’s customer service – only a phone call or email away. Questions or requests are typically responded to within minutes, and whatever issue comes up is normally resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. In the beginning, the frustration level between trying to learn a new system while continuing to meet State-mandated reports and tasks at the allotted time, caused many of my support staff emails to be in ALL CAPS. Not once did anyone take issue with my “computer yelling”, or cause me to feel any question was “stupid”. Even now, my “repeat” inquiries continue to be promptly answered with kindness and consideration. Their willingness to help is refreshing and reassuring. In fact, Mr. Ehlers, Vanguard’s President, takes time from his busy schedule to provide a day or two of in-office training, something unheard of in this day and age.

Bottom line, converting to Vanguard was one of the best decisions made by this office. For us, there will be no going back.

Debbie Churchill
Dodge County Assessor
Fremont, Nebraska