Our Commercial Reappraisal Project is nearing completion and I anticipate getting the project turned over to me in a week or so. As you know, this is my very first reappraisal of any kind and I completely did not know what to expect! I just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know that the team assigned to our project did a fantastic job completing the field appraisals and readying the project to turn over to us. I haven’t seen any values so will have to wait to compliment the team on that!! I anticipated running into at least a few business owners that would have issue with the project or at least some adverse comments especially with the circumstances with COVID this year. However, I have not received any negative comments or complaints about your staff appraisers or the work they were doing. Back in April, I did have one property owner that expressed concerns with COVID situation and asked that we wait until later in the year but that was it!!! I also thought that the team members working on our project in the office were very professional and proficient to their work as well. It has definitely been a good experience to this point!

Thank you for having a top-notch team to send to Ringgold County!!

Thank you!

Melinda L. England
Ringgold County Assessor
Mount Ayr, Iowa