I have been a Vanguard CAMAvision user since 2011 and have not regretted a day moving forward. One of my favorites about Vanguard is every person you come in contact with within VCS, from the President down to support staff gets to know their clients in a professional and personal setting. They truly care about their clients!

Vanguard CAMA system is user-friendly. Creating property cards with the land & building values, photos, sketches, and any documents you want to be linked to the property card are very easy to accomplish. Also available are many forms “Owner Occupied” “Ag Status” and “Appeals”, just to name a few. While building our property cards, if office staff had a question on something we would email or call tech support. Within a short amount of time, someone from Vanguard was contacting the individual requesting support. (Our office prefers to email as we can print off the email and put the email response into our VCS binder.)

Once you become familiar with how to use the VCS query wizard, the queries that are available are unlimited. Our office has the Pro Version so we can export any query into an EXCEL spreadsheet. AWESOMENESS is all wrapped into one document that you can manipulate to suit your needs.

Reports are custom-built, making reports required by the Department of Revenue a few clicks away.

The office staff has attended many workshops or classes taught by VCS staff. The knowledge and resources provided during class are “top-notch”! Requests for software changes are listened to carefully and if possible, those requests are brought to their clients in the next update.
A five-star company!

Lila Teigen, CAA
Harding County Director of Equalization
Buffalo, South Dakota