I am writing this letter to let you know how much Franklin County Assessor’s office appreciates all that Vanguard and staff does for us.

Franklin County has had Vanguard Appraisal systems since 1997.  The mass appraisal system is truly a time saver when it comes to Assessment values and any report needed. The user group meetings held each year are awesome for learning hands on what’s new, and how it can make our jobs easier.  Vanguard has always done a good job keeping up with the Department of Revenue and making changes due to new code or rule changes.

The greatest asset is the support and great working relations they have with our County.  When we have questions or need help with anything from court cases to setting up a query Vanguard is there to help.

Stan Moellers, Franklin County field representative is so helpful, knowledgeable and kind.  He will help in any way he can.  I am not sure if he knows how much we appreciate all he does.  Stan will not leave you in doubt on anything.  he will stop in and help whenever requested.  I would say he goes above and beyond.

Curt Joeger does Franklin County annual Commercial and Industrial construction.  Curt is another assets to Vanguard.  He answers all questions and will help in any way he can.

In my book, Vanguard is fantastic in all ways.  Thank you for everything. Keep up the good work.

Gwana Wirtjes
Franklin County Assessor
Hampton, Iowa