This letter is in appreciation of what Vanguard Appraisals has done over and over again for Floyd County. We have had the privilege of working with several staff members at various times, for various reasons and they have all been fantastic, and very professional. There is not one time I can remember that we haven’t been helped in solving a problem, or having been shown how to do something. Their customer service is head and shoulders above anything else we, as an office, or a County have ever experienced.

Each and every time we’ve had to call with a question, or an issue, we have been treated as important as the previous time. The staff is understanding and in their words, “No question is a stupid question”. To our staff in Floyd County, that’s reassuring, and tells us in Floyd County that we are important to them. The nice thing about the staff at Vanguard is they are always available for us when we need assistance. The technical support is very professional and courteous. They truly do listen to us to understand our needs.

We have enjoyed going to the Vanguard Users Group meetings also. As we pass through each year we’re reminded to make notes and send in requests to the staff at Vanguard to see if they can make changes, or come up with a better kind of technology to make our jobs a little easier, and we are never disappointed, as they continue to improve and make the meeting educational and enjoyable. They take a lot of pride in their training, and make sure we have the grasp of their tools and technology.

A personal thank to Stan Moellers, who’s our field representative and our Regional Manager, for his professionalism, and insight. As a former Assessor himself, he understand what we need and he has delivered a great service to us and to several others. We have been with Vanguard since 1990, and we continue to have great interaction and create a great friendship.

Vanguard is on top of their profession and we truly owe them our gratitude in the mass appraisal profession. Their people, products and services, are exceptional, and I want to thank them for all they do to help us.

Gary VanderWerf
Floyd County Assessor
Charles City, Iowa