As a brand new assessor for Lyon County, MN, I was tasked with choosing a Computer Aided Mass Appraisal system to bring us out of the dark ages (hand calculating) into the modern world. After looking at a few options, Vanguard quickly rose to the top as my choice. Vanguard Appraisals has surpassed my expectations with their exceptional customer service and unequaled Mass Appraisal System. Lyon County started using Vanguard CAMAvision in June of 2016. They have helped us come a long way in such a short time. Stan and Toni have been with us every step of the way, from the first day we went live, to customized training sessions in our office and answering all our phone calls and emails within hours of receiving them. Vanguard has offered numerous educational offerings and trainings, both in and out of the office. Every time we attend a session, we learn something. The well-written bi­annual newsletter is always good for a new trick or tip.

Vanguards Technical Support Team is top-notch. Their ability to connect remotely to our system and navigate is flawless. Knowing that support is a friendly phone call away is wonderful. No question goes unanswered and suggestions are always encouraged.

I have used many forms of software over my career, and CAMAvision is very user friendly and easy to navigate. With our reps, Toni and Stan, we have mapped out a plan how we are going to get the job done. We have been able to tap into their years of experience in the assessment world to work out a realistic plan.

Toni Hible consistently makes sure things are running smoothly within our office from one on one training to her prompt responses to our ever-growing list of questions. Stan Moeller is always available to brainstorm. I constantly ask, “Stan, can we do this or that?” and he is very prompt in his replies.

Vanguard Appraisals, INC is an excellent company. We are fortunate to have such a high quality Mass Appraisal System and support staff working with us at Lyon County. I am extremely happy with our choice of Vanguard to bring us into the modern world. I look forward to growing with the company and as we go forward to look at other services they offer, such as website hosting.

Sherri Kitchenmaster
Lyon County Assessor
Marshall, Minnesota

Vanguard Appraisals it a great asset to the Allamakee County Assessor’s Office. It has been a pleasure to work with their experienced personnel on residential, commercial, industrial, and multi residential reappraisal projects. Their staff is courteous & efficient in completing projects in a timely manner. It is wonderful to know that just a phone call away is a company that is willing to give assistance in the valuation of that “one of a kind” property.

Annual appraisal services, statewide sales support for Board of Review, PAAB and District Court appeals, appraisal software for valuing. They have it all and the staff to support us in our job as County Assessor. Allamakee County hopes to continue their relationship with Vanguard Appraisals for years to come.

Ann I Burckart, ICA
Allamakee County Assessor
Waukon, Iowa

Vanguard Appraisals is a valuable asset to the Iowa County Assessor’s Office. Since my appointment in 2010, Vanguard has assisted with many projects in the office: training appraisers, applying the 2008 Iowa Department of Revenue Real Property Appraisal Manual to all classes of property, a county wide revaluation on commercial, industrial, and multi-residential classed properties, and listing the exempt properties.

The website hosted by Vanguard is very easy to manipulate and is used by real estate agents, bankers, insurance agents, and the public. The public appreciates having access to this information at their convenience at night and on the weekends.

Technical support is only a phone call away to answer questions or to jump on the computer and walk us through a query or daily process.

Stan Moellers, Field Appraisal Specialist, is a calm and steady reinforcement that has taken the time to explain the process for updating valuations according to sales ratios, updating CSR’s and implementing the new soils into our GIS system. Rain, shine, or blowing snow he will make the trip so notices can be sent out by April 1st! His knowledge reaches into many areas of the assessor’s duties.

Vanguard Appraisals Inc. and their employees take their jobs very seriously and it shows in their work ethic and dedication to the profession. They are, in the ever changing field of mass appraisal, very knowledgeable, they listen to the needs of their clients and provide customer service that goes beyond expectations. I look forward to a continued partnership for years to come.

Linda Griggs
Iowa County Assessor
Marengo, Iowa

We have been using Camavision software to assess the parcels in St. Charles Township since 1998. The ease of use, and capability of the program to do everything we need has helped us a great deal when assessing properties.

In talking with other Assessor’s in the area, it seems Camavision is much easier to use and understand than other software used in our County.

Everyone at Vanguard is always ready to help us with any questions or issues we may have, and if necessary a “fix or answer” is usually obtained while on the phone with technical support staff. More complicated issues that take more time to resolve are handled in a very timely manner.

We are very happy with our decision to use Camavision software over the leading area competitor.

Vanguard Appraisals, Inc is a great company to work with and we would recommend them to anyone considering purchasing assessing software.

Diane Hemmingsen, CIAO
St. Charles Township Assessor
St. Charles, Illinois

I am writing this letter to let you know how much Franklin County Assessor’s office appreciates all that Vanguard and staff does for us.

Franklin County has had Vanguard Appraisal systems since 1997.  The mass appraisal system is truly a time saver when it comes to Assessment values and any report needed. The user group meetings held each year are awesome for learning hands on what’s new, and how it can make our jobs easier.  Vanguard has always done a good job keeping up with the Department of Revenue and making changes due to new code or rule changes.

The greatest asset is the support and great working relations they have with our County.  When we have questions or need help with anything from court cases to setting up a query Vanguard is there to help.

Stan Moellers, Franklin County field representative is so helpful, knowledgeable and kind.  He will help in any way he can.  I am not sure if he knows how much we appreciate all he does.  Stan will not leave you in doubt on anything.  he will stop in and help whenever requested.  I would say he goes above and beyond.

Curt Joeger does Franklin County annual Commercial and Industrial construction.  Curt is another assets to Vanguard.  He answers all questions and will help in any way he can.

In my book, Vanguard is fantastic in all ways.  Thank you for everything. Keep up the good work.

Gwana Wirtjes
Franklin County Assessor
Hampton, Iowa

This letter is in appreciation of what Vanguard Appraisals has done over and over again for Floyd County. We have had the privilege of working with several staff members at various times, for various reasons and they have all been fantastic, and very professional. There is not one time I can remember that we haven’t been helped in solving a problem, or having been shown how to do something. Their customer service is head and shoulders above anything else we, as an office, or a County have ever experienced.

Each and every time we’ve had to call with a question, or an issue, we have been treated as important as the previous time. The staff is understanding and in their words, “No question is a stupid question”. To our staff in Floyd County, that’s reassuring, and tells us in Floyd County that we are important to them. The nice thing about the staff at Vanguard is they are always available for us when we need assistance. The technical support is very professional and courteous. They truly do listen to us to understand our needs.

We have enjoyed going to the Vanguard Users Group meetings also. As we pass through each year we’re reminded to make notes and send in requests to the staff at Vanguard to see if they can make changes, or come up with a better kind of technology to make our jobs a little easier, and we are never disappointed, as they continue to improve and make the meeting educational and enjoyable. They take a lot of pride in their training, and make sure we have the grasp of their tools and technology.

A personal thank to Stan Moellers, who’s our field representative and our Regional Manager, for his professionalism, and insight. As a former Assessor himself, he understand what we need and he has delivered a great service to us and to several others. We have been with Vanguard since 1990, and we continue to have great interaction and create a great friendship.

Vanguard is on top of their profession and we truly owe them our gratitude in the mass appraisal profession. Their people, products and services, are exceptional, and I want to thank them for all they do to help us.

Gary VanderWerf
Floyd County Assessor
Charles City, Iowa

I’m writing this letter to let you know how very much we appreciate the great service and support that we receive from Vanguard Appraisals. Carroll County Illinois has ,been using the Vanguard Appraisal system since 2005. Since 2013, Vanguard has hosted our Website as well. Our Website subscribers are very happy with the information provided. This gives them access to property record cards and GIS mapping information 24 hours a day. The revenue generated from the subscription well exceeds the annual fee paid for your services. It has turned out to be an additional revenue source for the County.

The appraisal system is very user-friendly and is updated frequently. There are user group meeting to keep us knowledgeable of the latest updates. This is a superior mass appraisal system compared to others in the market. This system has many report options. We can email property record cards to attorneys, appraisers, banks and real estate professionals from our desks. They appreciate being able to get the information without  traveling to our office.

The Comparable Property Reports are used at the Board of Review level to defend our values. In a couple of keystrokes, we can have comparable properties to any parcel in the County. These reports can also be used at PTAB-Property Tax Appeal Board to maintain value also.

The Technology Support Staff is excellent! They are wonderful to work with and are easily accessible via email or phone. I have had numerous FOIA requests and they have been extremely helpful in setting up the needed reports. In fact, all of the Vanguard staff is pleasant to work with. This is refreshing in an age where vendors will promise anything to sell a product but don’t provide the service after the sale.

Mike Weeks, our CAMA Appraisal Specialist is the BEST! He is only an email or phone call away.  He visits our office or sends an email to check on us and make sure everything is running smoothly. He is very personable and professional.

In closing, Vanguard Appraisals, Inc. is a Top-Notch company! They provide a high quality product with and excellent support staff to meet the ever changing needs in the field of mass appraisal.

Annette L. Gruhn
Carroll County Supervisor of Assessments
Mt. Carrol, Illinois

Sherry [Surrett] has been nothing but an asset for me today, and every other time I’ve bugged her.

I just thought I’d drop a quick email to let you know how much I appreciate her help, I don’t know what I’d do without this support.

Mike Weeks as well while I’m at it, I know I’ve bugged that guy to death some days and he pulls through for me every time, great team you have, just awesome!!!
Have a great weekend!

Ryan Knight, Office Staff
Clinton Co., IA

The workshop was awesome! As I mentioned when we were introducing ourselves—not one of the past three software vendors I’ve had in Johnson County has ever had anything near the presentations you [Scott Johnson], Molly [Schmidt] & Marty [Barrett] gave us this week. We had basic training with those vendors like Molly gave us at the beginning—but with the other companies that was a onetime event. After that we were on our own. Entering data and fully understanding how that related to the appraisal side has been a wonderful “short” trip with Vanguard.

Karen Koehler, Johnson County Assessor
Johnson County, NE

Wanted to thank you and your staff for once again hosting the Minnesota User Group Meeting. We enjoyed hearing about the new things in version 20 and my staff learned things in the residential course that was presented. Of course, they also enjoyed the hospitality! I really meant what I said about being a happy customer for 15 years. I wish all our vendors had the customer service that Vanguard has.

Thank you!

Doreen Pehrson
Nicollet County Assessor