What is CAMAvision®?

Our software is installed in hundreds of jurisdictions in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, and Nebraska. Our flagship CAMAvision product has been developed specifically to operate in the assessor’s environment. This software is flexible, efficient, and accurate to be the system of choice by assessors.

Whether your jurisdiction has 500 or 500,000 parcels to manage, CAMAvision has the power and features to get the job done. With its modular design, you can add pricing methods and features as your needs change.

CAMAvision runs on all desktop and server editions of Microsoft® Windows® from Windows 7, to Windows 8.x, Windows 10, and Servers 2012. It can be configured to use Firebird SQL or Microsoft SQL Server for robust, fault-tolerant database storage of parcel data.

Firebird SQL is provided free of charge to all our clients who need a commercial-grade database solution and may not already have a SQL Server site license. Microsoft SQL Server software and licenses must be purchased separately.


This pricing module will value single-family, multi-family residences and manufactured homes. It is typically used in conjunction with the Sketch, PhotoVision and Comparable Search modules.

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Ag buildings come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small machine sheds to large grain storage silos. Our Agricultural module will prove invaluable in helping you assess all structures.

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Commercial (Pre-Computed, Component, Income)

Whether you are pricing a small town commercial building or a large super center, the Commercial module can do it for you. You can price based on a precomputed cost structure. Build it up using the component module, or take advantage of the Income approach module.

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While the other modules in CAMAvision help you make accurate assessments of the parcels in your area, sometimes just having a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why CAMAvision allows you to attach photographs to parcels using the PhotoVision module.

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It’s a fact that having a sketch can make assessing a property much easier. So drawing it, and having it work with your CAMA package should be just as easy. Our Sketch and pricing modules are designed to work closely with each other. Quickly sketch properties and “link” areas to pricing without getting bogged down in features you’ll never need.

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