By: Nick Klein

A new feature appearing in CAMAvision® version 22 is integrated web searching via a right-click mouse menu. Simply select some text within a note, legal, or the permit comment editor, right-click and press Search. The user’s default web browser will open, and the search engine named in the menu will be called.

Based on the right-click and Search menu found in today’s web browsers, this handy little gem can save you some steps when you wish to quickly look up information about a parcel. In fact, the ability to execute a search of this type has become so ubiquitous it has found its way into applications beyond web browsers. Microsoft Outlook and Word (2010 and above) are just a couple of examples.

Google Chrome and MS Word’s right-click search menus

Perhaps you need to look up the meaning of some text in a note; maybe it’s a trademark or the name of a manufacturer. Highlight the text, right-click and Search. Naturally, you can still copy the text to the clipboard and paste it into your web browser, but this new feature is quicker and accomplishes the same task in fewer steps. Plus, it projects more of a seamless experience between your applications.

Popular search engines like Google and Bing do a pretty good job of interpreting whether a search string is an address or lat/long coordinates. However, just like your typical web search, the more complete you can define the criteria, the better the results. When you’re looking up an address, these search engines are most accurate when the address is completely filled out – in particular, the postal zip code.

Over the years, we’ve added the ability to click web links within notes to take you out to the Internet. This new search feature takes that concept one step further and web-enables any text within a note! It’s something that I’ve come to rely on pretty much whenever I’m browsing the web and something that I think will be very useful within CAMAvision too.

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