Described as the tablet that can replace your laptop, the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft is definitely a device that can do it all and is a great way to utilize our CAMAvision Remote software.

Weighing in at only 1.76 pounds, a 12” screen 3:2 and enhanced battery life (up to 9 hours), the Surface Pro 3 also features an integrated Kickstand allowing you to work comfortably.

CAMAvision runs great on this tablet. The 12” screen provides plenty of room for your work and enough power to run even the most intensive tasks.

Other specs and features:

* Type Cover Keyboard helps turn the tablet into a premium laptop.
* Digitizer pen support to take notes in your own handwriting.
* 4th Generation Intel Haswell CPU.
* 5 Megapixel front and rear facing cameras.
* MicroSD card reader.

Surface Pro 3 is the tablet that Vanguard’s VCS Department recommends!