Keeping track of all the features in CAMAvision isn’t an easy task.

Last month we addressed five common frequently asked questions about expected scenarios. Below are five more questions that we have received in the last year. Stay tuned for details on new features coming in 2015!

I want to run a query using the parcel field in the checks and tags area from the Status and Legal tab but cannot find that field in the query section. Where/what is the field name?

The field Work Status is located in the General Table.

How do I reset my recon?

Recon is reset from the Batch Main Menu option.

Why do the sales reports with photos have to print with extra room for unchecked options?

Page space must be reserved for each option in order to account for all possible option combinations and ensure everything will fit within the limited space per parcel.

How do I do an “or” statement in my query?

1st criteria in Filter 1 and 2nd criteria in Filter 2.

I don’t agree with the typical adjustments on a building. Can I change it?

Yes. In tables, building adjustment. Find the building type and scroll to the end of that line and add that building occupancy code.