For assessors, a revaluation is an important part of the job.

Jerry Witt (Tama County, Iowa) reached out and let us know how helpful the Extra Database module has helped him ease this process in CAMAvision.

"My first revaluation was for the 2009 assessment year. It was terrifying changing the test tables, copying them over (to) the main tables and running the revaluation on my changes. It didn't feel much better two years later either. When I discovered there was an Extra Database, I knew I had to have it. We purchased the Extra Database module in 2012 to use for the 2013 revaluation.

Extra Database Module in CAMAvision

The previous revaluation years consisted of changing map factors and the manual level. These were very basic changes. For 2013 I decided to change our depreciation table and update our rural residential land values. I ran several different scenarios through the Extra Database module to see how the revaluation would affect individual parcels that were currently listed for sale and some other ones that I was concerned about. Most of my rural residential listings were above my new values, so I backed down on the land values.

I personally do not like to run multiple revaluations in my Working Database out of fear of messing something up and not wanting to get the rest of my staff out of the program while the revaluation is running. If I don't like how the revaluation is going in my Extra Database, I will just save the Working Database over it and start again. Doing this process several times has really taken the fear out of running a revaluation. I would definitely recommend the Extra Database to every new assessor and to the more seasoned assessors that do no feel comfortable making changes for a revaluation."

If you are interested in getting the Extra Database module, contact your Vanguard field representative today!