By: Danielle Powell

One of the enhancements in Version 22 of CAMAvision involved multi-parcel sales, as the simple checkbox to indicate a multi-parcel sale converted to a drop-down menu. The options in this menu include: No, Primary, and Child. This allows more versatility so that all parcels involved in a multi-parcel sale indicate their specific role.

Primary Parcels:
Primary should only be set on one parcel per sale. Usually, this is the parcel with the most structures or highest value. Previously, the indicator box would have gotten a checkmark to enable the parcel list area of the Sales tab, where all other parcels involved are entered and shown.

  1. The sale amount (VCS Value) should be a summed total of ALL parcels involved in the multi-parcel sale.
    1. This can be done by clicking the black down-arrow next to the VCS Value field to select “Copy Multi-Parcel Total.”
      Note: This option only enables once PINs are added to the parcel list, and all parcels included should be in the list beforehand to ensure the total amount is accurate.
  2. NUTC (Non-Usable Transaction Code) should be designated by the Transaction, Deed, or Declaration of Value. If this is considered a “good” sale, it may need to use a “normal” NUTC to indicate that.
  3. Set the drop-down menu to the “Primary” selection.
  4. Add ALL parcels included in the sale to the list at the bottom of the Sales tab.
  5. Certain states (e.g., ones that have a specific sales export) may have additional requirements, so please be sure to enter ALL necessary sale information on the Primary parcel.

Child Parcels:
Child parcels will be all other parcels included in the sale. They are similar to the primary sale with a couple specific differences to exclude those sales from analyses and exports, ensuring the sale only gets considered once in those processes.

  1. Enter the sale with the exact same information as the Primary parcel with the following exceptions on ALL child parcels:
    1. The Child parcel should get a NUTC (Non Usable Transaction Code) designated as “Sale of More than one Property” or similar.
    2. Set the drop-down menu to the “Child” selection.
    3. The Multi-Parcel PIN list will include the Primary parcel and exclude the currently loaded Child parcel.

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