By: Rownea Gerbracht

PIN Lists are an unnoticed tool hidden within Vanguard. They may be especially helpful for people who have large lists of parcels on which they need to do work.

Maybe you have a large number of parcels that need information updated. You can duplicate that information from WITHIN the parcel that has the information you want.

For Example:

START with Creating a “PIN (or Parcel number) LIST.” This list has specific instructions on how it should look and be saved. Once saved, you can just replace the parcel numbers to use it again, and again, and again. It can be created by typing your parcel numbers in manually OR by query.

Cool time-saver, huh? You can duplicate a multitude of items from one parcel to a whole list of parcels with this process. Conquer the process! It will save you TONS of time in the future.

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