By: Nick Klein

How often do you find yourself reselecting the same PDFs over and over again for batch processes? Maybe you have to select certain map areas for the task you do and it’s a chore because there are a large number of map areas scattered throughout the table. Thankfully the Selection dialog has an easy way to save yourself time and headaches reselecting the same PDFs or map areas.

In the top menu of the dialog, you will see Grid and Help. Press the Grid menu and lo and behold, there are Load, Save and Reopen menus. As their names suggest, these options allow you to Load a saved selection; Save a selection range to file; and the Reopen menu stores your most recent saves for easy retrieval.


Once saved, the filename will appear in the Reopen menu for easy access. Now, you can quickly make that selection again and again in your batch processes, comparable search, or parcel maintenance.


CAMAvision automatically knows the difference between PDF and map area saved selections, so it won’t let you accidentally use the wrong type of file. There is even a handy “Cleanup History…” feature found in the Reopen menu that allows you to declutter your selection history.


I hope you will find this time saving feature useful. Enjoy!

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