By: Nick Klein

A feature introduced into CAMAvision® v18 (2013) was the ability to apply a zoom level for viewing notes and the legal description. This feature is variable per-user and allows the on-screen viewing size of the text to be adjusted to suit individual needs. What’s cool about this feature is it can enlarge the text without actually changing anything. Plus, it applies to old and new notes and does not carry over onto printed reports.

Setting a default font for notes is a new feature introduced in CAMAvision v22 (2017). Applied system-wide, an admin can define the default font style, size and color for notes. Unlike the zooming feature, the default font only applies to new notes going forward. And unlike the zooming, which is for on-screen display, the font style can be visible on printed reports. Naturally, users still have the ability to change the font styling within individual notes, but this new setting could save a step or two for some users.

Both of these features share a similar ability to enlarge (or shrink!) the text size for notes but serve two very different purposes. It may be tempting to set a large font style for all your new notes thinking they will be easier to read – and they certainly will. However, this styling can carry over to reports and has the potential to increase the number of printed pages.

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