Newest VCS Field Rep (Fall/Winter 2016 Newsletter)

Rownea Gerbracht was hired October 31st, 2016.

Newest VCS Field RepRownea is a CAMA Specialist for the western half of South Dakota, and a large portion of North Dakota.  Rownea started her career in the assessment field more than15 years ago, with the Perkins County Director of Equalization as office staff in Bison, South Dakota.  She had worked in that capacity for 1 year, when she went on to serve as the Deputy Director for 1 year, then the Director of Equalization for the remaining 13 ½ years.  Rownea is currently a South Dakota Certified Appraiser Assessor (CAA) and is also certified as a North Dakota Class II Assessor.

Rownea has been married to Todd Gerbracht for almost 30 years.  They have raised 3 children, Krista (28), Samantha (26) and Anthony (19), and are thoroughly enjoying 4 grandchildren, Sean (9), Zachary (8), Lillian (6) and Gabriel (3).  Her free time is spent working on the family ranch with her husband and son.  She also enjoys traveling as much as possible with her husband, from horseback riding in the Black Hills to climbing Diamond Head in Hawaii.