Just a quick note to let you know about the listing of our 2014 revaluation.

The listers that Vanguard had in Jones County were excellent. They were very professional in the gathering of the information and they were very well accepted by the property owners. There was good communication between our staff and the listers. Questions were answered in a very short time. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Arnie Andreesen
Jones County Iowa Assessor

Mason City Data input project:

“….It was decided your staff would review every property record card and input the necessary changes for an hourly charge. Tammy Monson has been in charge of coordinating with me for this project. She has done an exceptional job! The cards are getting updated correctly and timely. Tammy always emails me when a new situation arises and we figure out a way to handle it together. The project is still projected to be complete on time, which takes a great deal off the “office plate” and makes me very happy. I would definitely hire Tammy and her staff again for a special project like this. Please give her and her staff a big pat on the back for her quality hard work!”

Dana Naumann
Mason City Assessor

Just wanted to give you some praise about one of your employees, Scott Johnson. I had never taken Course 102, so I decided to take it this last June. Scott was my instructor for the course. I have taken many courses in my 20+ years here at the Assessor’s office and I just wanted you to know what an amazing job he did.

He didn’t teach the test, but really helped everyone understand all the steps to the Income Approach. He is so personable that it made all the students feel comfortable to ask questions. Scott even took 2 nights out of his own schedule for study sessions. He is an incredible teacher and I hope to have him as an instructor for many more classes.

Julie Conolly
Woodbury Co, IA Deputy Assessor