By: Patrick Alexander

Have you backed up your system today or in the last week? If the answer is no you are asking for trouble. Can you imagine what it would be like to spend one or more years inputting data into your computer system only to come in one morning and find it was all for nothing?

If money or time seems to be the problem, just figure how much it would cost to replace the data in your computer system and the time lost to re-enter it. Would you buy a home or automobile and not insure it? Of course not! Then don’t risk the loss of the time and money you have invested in your computer system. Backing up is your “insurance” against loss of your hard work. If you follow these few steps you will save yourself time, money and many headaches.

  1. Backup every day.

  2. Take a copy of the backup to another location (daily or at least weekly) in case of a fire or other disasters.

  3. Backup all files which are unique to your system (databases, custom queries, etc). These files should all reside in the ..\CAMAvisionM08\(Shared\DBS) folders. The other folders under the CAMAvisionM08 directory can be recovered during a re-installation, so to save yourself time and space, they don’t need to be included in the backup.

  4. After you have run a backup, always verify the information. Verifying means you need to look at the directory listing to see that the files you wanted were actually backed up.

  5. Always do a backup of all Vanguard files before updating your system with any enhancements or updates.

Why should you go to all this trouble for something that might never happen? The last thing anyone wants to hear is “SORRY we cannot help you if you do not have a backup of file. “So please backup your system regularly.

The VCS Backup is a simple backup program that will backup and restore your database and application files. It is designed for CAMAvision only. The files are stored in a standard zip file format.

NOTE: Users do NOT need to exit CAMAvision before running the backup process.

The VCS BackupX program is for clients running on the Firebird database platform ONLY. In order to run VCS BackupX on a machine, that machine must be able to connect to the CAMAvision license server, and it must have Firebird installed.

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